Date: 21.05.15

Your Degree: Should You Work During It?

Before we start answering this question, I just want to make one thing absolutely clear – studying for a degree is a full-time, 35-40 hour a week occupation, and anyone who tells you that you can get away with doing anything less than that is either lying to try and look big, clever or cool,

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Date: 15.05.15

Going out tonight? Here’s some budgeting tips.

What’s the great predicament that many students face on a day to day basis at uni? Is it, the subject for their dissertation? Or perhaps when they should get started on their next essay? Nope, and frankly most people who have either been to uni or are attending now will tell you what the greatest

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Date: 08.05.15

Student Guide to Sheffield City Centre

About Sheffield If you want to be within five minutes of everything that you’ll need and enjoy the hustle and bustle of cities then city centre living is for you. Sheffield city centre has the advantage of being relatively compact which means that everything you need is within a ten or fifteen minute walk. From

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Date: 08.05.15

5 Tips to Help Stave Off Homesickness At University

The experience we enjoy at university can vary widely for each of us. From the friendship groups we make, to the time we spend in lectures, it’s fair to say that we all have a unique experience. No more is this a fact than when discussing the subject of homesickness. While some of us thrive

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Date: 15.01.16

Developing Good Study Habits

Studying is all about getting yourself in the right frame of mind for extended periods of concentration. Lots of different people do this in lots of different ways, and so there are no hard and...

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Date: 08.01.16

Tips On Keeping Your Student Accommodation Clean

You will no doubt have been shouted at to keep your things – your room, your clothes, your dishes, your washing – clean and tidy your whole life. Right from the moment we are born,...

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Date: 23.12.15

The 5 Most Annoying Types Of Housemate

Living with people ain’t easy. That’s just a fact. You will remember how many arguments you’ve had with your siblings over the years. They’re your own flesh and blood, and yet there have been countless...

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Date: 18.12.15

Dissertation: 3 Tips To Make Your Dissy A Doddle

There are certain milestones in your life that pave the way to adulthood (and then right on through to the grave, but let’s not worry about those yet). Each one is surrounded by its own...

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