Masters of the University

Congratulations. You have slogged your way through three+ years of assignments, lectures, presentations, exams and possibly the odd late night. Now all that remains is to count up your scores, book your graduation tickets and sit back, confident in the knowledge that you had what it takes to complete a bachelor’s degree. But, what now?

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Day To Day Campus Problems

University is a fantastic adventure for any person who decides to take up the challenge. However, it is also a time of great change in a person’s life, and the first weeks can leave you exhausted and bewildered. Between trying to arrange all the things that you need to have in place to begin actual

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Developing Good Study Habits

Studying is all about getting yourself in the right frame of mind for extended periods of concentration. Lots of different people do this in lots of different ways, and so there are no hard and...

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Tips On Keeping Your Student Accommodation Clean

You will no doubt have been shouted at to keep your things – your room, your clothes, your dishes, your washing – clean and tidy your whole life. Right from the moment we are born,...

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The 5 Most Annoying Types Of Housemate

Living with people ain’t easy. That’s just a fact. You will remember how many arguments you’ve had with your siblings over the years. They’re your own flesh and blood, and yet there have been countless...

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Dissertation: 3 Tips To Make Your Dissy A Doddle

There are certain milestones in your life that pave the way to adulthood (and then right on through to the grave, but let’s not worry about those yet). Each one is surrounded by its own...

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