5 Great Apps to Help You Through Your Degree

When studying, you need all of the help that you can find and there are no end of books, guides and other materials that will assist you in your quest for higher education. However, one relatively new utility that is available to the modern student is the smartphone or tablet.

Not only are these devices great for keeping track of your timetable, organising assignments, tracking meetings and appointments, and, let’s be honest here, arranging get-togethers with your friends, but they can also assist you more directly with your studying. So, without further ado, here are five great applications for your preferred mobile device that will give you that extra edge at university.

Trello – iOS/Android – Free

Trello is essentially a virtual whiteboard and it is fantastic for group work. You can assign different users to different boards dependent on which projects you are collaborating on and all you have to do is attach a card for each task that needs completing.

Then your collaborators can move each task to “in progress” as they begin it, which ensures no overlap between what people are working on. The app also allows you to view everybody’s progress at a glance and keeps everyone on point (as it is clear if someone is not pulling their weight).

Camscanner – Android – Free/Genius Scan – iOS – Free

These two apps do essentially the same thing. They scan documents using your camera and helps you frame it properly to get a great image. You can then save the image as either a PDF or a text file and keep it to read later.

You get a significantly clearer image than you do when attempting the same thing with your basic camera app and it will save you a fortune on using the library photocopier. Plus you do not have loads of pieces of paper floating around in your bag for you to file away.

Find them here:


Genius Scan

Splashtop – iOS/Android – Free/1.99

Splashtop is a ridiculously useful app. It essentially gives you the ability to remotely control your home computer using a mobile device. You can either use your device as a remote control, or you can mirror your system completely on it.

The app is brilliantly useful for all of those times that you forget to copy an important document onto a USB or put it in your Dropbox (other cloud storage solutions are available) as you can simply boot up your computer and email it from campus. One particularly useful application of this is that you can use your phone as a remote when giving presentations or seminars, allowing you to change slides or control a video clip like a pro. Splashtop works great with both PCs and Macs.

GoConqr – iOS/Android – Free

GoConqr will be your best friend come exam season. You can organise all of your notes and turn them into mind maps, quizzes and flashcards to help you cram all of that essential information into your cranium. GoConqr also boasts an impressive library of over 1 million learning resources to help you fill in any gaps.

Everything syncs automatically with your online account, so you know that everything will be up to date, no matter where you access it. Offline use is fully supported as well, and your device will simply sync to the website the next time it has a connection.

3D Brain – iOS/Android/Windows Phone – Free

OK, OK, I know this one is a little specific as it will only really benefit those doing degrees in Biology, Neuroscience, Psychology and their ilk, but I used it on my degree and thought that it was worthy of a mention. Created by Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory, 3D Brain is a must for anyone who needs to learn the structure and function of the brain.

Use your touch screen to rotate and zoom around 29 interactive structures. Discover how each brain region functions, what happens when it is injured, and how it is involved in mental illness. Each detailed structure comes with information on functions, disorders, brain damage, case studies, and links to modern research and classic research.

There are our five of our favourite study-buddy apps. Obviously there are lots more that can help you with all aspects of university life, from socialising, staying safe, budgeting, studying and more. Please let us know if you have discovered any indispensable mobile applications during your study in the comments below. Have fun.

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