6 Halloween Events You Can’t Afford to Miss

Halloween is fast approaching and lucky for students, Sheffield knows how to celebrate the holiday in style. Whether you want to be scared out of your wits or just want another excuse to party we’ve put together a list of the very best Halloween entertainment going on in the steel city.

Celluloid Screams

When: 25th – 27th

Celluloid Screams returns again for its fifth edition at the Showroom Cinema. Showing all things terrifying and disturbing in the world of independent film along with talks from the creators themselves, this year’s event plays host to Chimeres, Delivery, Jug Face, Painless and many more including shorts and exhibitions. This year, Celluloid Screams brings you its first ever all-nighter, The Night Of The Living [Un]Dead showing films such as Return Of The Living Dead, Graveyard Feeder, Jack Attack & more all night long!


Steel City Ghost Tours

When: Whenever you choose to book

Unveiling the horrible secrets of the city, host Mr P. Dreadful recalls tales of death, murder, scandals and unknown horrors long lost in the history of Sheffield. P Dreadful has been hosting ghost tours around Sheffield for years now and has even been known to see and speak to ghosts whilst on the tours.


Bungalows & Bears

When: 26th

Bungalows and Bears are hosting the official Fright Night pre-party on the 26th of October. But what does that actually mean? Well, they have possibly the most appropriate band playing the form of Zombina and the Skeletones who are a horror rock band from Liverpool that have been going since 1998.


The Bell Jar

When: 31st

Wanting something a little different away from the city centre? It might be worth a walk over to London Road’s newest bar The Bell Jar. The 31st October plays host to The Bell Jar’s “Keep London Road Weird Halloween Special” featuring fancy dress, one off gigs by bands such as The Hipshakes and Nichole as well as a trip from North Yorkshire to South Yorkshire for bassline artist Tracks.


Fright Night

When: 27th

Sheffield’s ultimate homage to Halloween is back again on 27th of October. The city centre roads will be closed off for over 40,000 living dead to walk the streets. Expect funfair rides, a zombie garden, food and craft stalls, a spooky ghost ship, live music andmuch more. Fright Night happens every Sunday before Halloween and provides something for everyone no matter what age.



When: 25th, 26th, 28th, 30th

It really wouldn’t be Halloween without Corporation would it? Sheffield’s premier metal club is hosting four whole days of haunting activities starting from 25th October. The big Corp Halloween party however is on 30th. The Ghoul Disco takes reference from their classic Wednesday club night Skool Disco and comes complete with a Mexican Day of the Dead Theme including The Mariachis (those guys from the Doritos advert). So don your outfits and head for the quad vods.

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