A Guide To Sheffield’s Independent Publications

Some people say print is dead but the thriving community of independent publications in Sheffield shows much the opposite. There really is something to cater to everyone’s taste here whether you want to know what’s happening at the arena, read interviews with A-list celebrities, or find out about the bands playing in the backroom of a pub to 40 people.  I     f you want to consume local music, find out about the latest art exhibitions, get updates on shops or stay in the know about Sheffield culture and community our guide will tell exactly what you should be reading to get the most out of your Sheffield experience.


The biggie as far as local publications are concerned, Exposed is Sheffield’s ultimate entertainment and listings guide. If you want to find out anything going on the city of steel, Exposed will have the information for you. Throw in some interviews with some A-list celebrities and all things local culture and you have a magazine which provides comprehensive info on the latest happenings in our city.

Published: Monthly

Price: Free


Now Then

Now a staple to the independent world of Sheffield, Now Then promotes everything good about Sheffield’s art culture from poets and graffiti artists to artisan food stalls. Now Then solely works with local independent companies meaning that everything goes back into the local community.

Published: Monthly

Price: Free



Representing the slackers of Sheffield, Mornge is somewhere between a fanzine and a glossy magazine. Articles on music, events, short stories, local culture as well as the world outside of Yorkshire. The first ever issue of Mornge only came out in August and it was celebrated at a local DIY space with bands coming from as far Masachusetts, USA to play the event.

Published: Quarterly

Price: £5



Article is the ultimate in local arts publications. Its impeccable design complements the intellect and depth behind each story. If architecture, urbanisation and the art scene is your kind of thing then Article is what you need to be reading. Article has been running in some form since 2008 and although it’s published a lot less frequently, the back issues are still definitely worth your time.

Published: Infrequently

Price: £5



Somewhat classier than the other magazines here, Chic caters to Sheffield’s young up & coming professionals giving tips on where to eat, drink and shop. You’re also likely to find interviews with the likes of Jimmy Carr and Charlotte Church in the pages too. Chic is also the first local publication to have its own app.

Published: Monthly

Price: Free

image (3)


If you like your local culture in an easy to carry form then Toast is for you. Toast is free and it’s all about the music. From interviews, reviews and features on your favourite indie bands you’re likely to find it all in here.

Published: Monthly

Price: Free



And we can’t forget the universities…


Forge is the University of Sheffield’s very own publication. Written by students and for students of the university, Forge keeps you up to date with everything going on in and outside the university walls along with current affairs and opinion pieces. It was also the winner of the NUS awards 2012 for best student media.

Published: Bi-Weekly

Price: Free

image (4)


Much like Forge, SHULife is run by students of Sheffield Hallam for the students. Expect news from the university along with current affairs and pop culture. SHULife is published monthly and can be found around campus and online one their ISSUU site.

Published: Monthly

Price: Free

image (5)

Honourable mentions: Ashes & Millionaires, Sandman Magazine, NMX Fanzine

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