Have a read through some of our latest testimonials from our Students.

Alice H

We were very proud of the house and absolutely loved it. I just wanted to say thank you for everything you did for us. We couldn’t have asked for a better landlord and you made our final year at Hallam even more enjoyable! So, thanks again!

Callum S

Claypenny – you are 10 times, no 100 times better landlords then John Allen properties. We wish we were with you in our second year. Unlike · · over a year ago

Sian C

Having rented a property with Claypenny they were an incredibly friendly and helpful company!

Any issues regarding maintenance were sorted within the same day and all staff were approachable whenever an issue needed to be rectified. The process of moving in/out was incredibly smooth and again, staff were incredibly helpful within this process. Having had friends that also rented Claypenny properties, the properties were always clean and maintained to a high standard. I would definitely recommend Claypenny Properties to future students in Sheffield!

Cosmo C

From all the landlords I have had, Claypenny is by far the best. They have been amazing through my tenancy!! Signing for a house can be very stressful with all the documentation that is needed. However, Claypenny has made it very simply and completely stress free. BTW, their houses are pretty sick! Unlike some landlords they understand the inconvenience of things breaking and needing replacement. Their maintenance team is very good where I have never waited more than two days for the problem to be fixed. For example, the cooker decided to break and within a day a brand new one had been installed.

Faustine P

Claypenny was the first “person” we met when we arrived from France in Sheffield. Theses landlords have made my year providing nice places to live and nice people to live with. In one year I haven’t been disappointed by Claypenny, on the contrary, I’ve been surprised in such a good way. top Landlords!


Thank you again for everything you have done for Faustine and me this year. We had top housemates and an amazing year thanks to you !

Adelle C

First landlords I’ve had, they have been very good to us, if we had any problems, they’d be sorted straight away just by giving them a call. We had a great relationship with them throughout the year and still do after our contract has ended. Would definitely go with Claypenny again.

Lauren S

Really good landlords. So friendly, helpful and are always willing to help you with any problems you have. This being the first time I have ever lived in student accommodation that isn’t halls, its been nothing but easy with Claypenny.

Ajit C

Top landlords. Friendly and helpful throughout our tenancy, would recommend!

Olivia L

Brilliant year living in a property on Pomona Street. Very kind and friendly and always extremely helpful toward me and my housemates if ever needed. I would recommend them to anyone looking for somewhere to live in Sheffield! Best year in the nicest house ever! :)

Tim C

Brilliant two years living in their properties. No hassle and very welcoming! Would recommend to all students looking to live in Sheffield!

Bel T

THE BEST accommodation landlords in sheffield, amazing communication, absolutely no problems

Dan A

Super modern houses! Recommend.

Ella P

Claypenny have a great range of houses in Sheffield to suit all students. They’re extremely helpful and will always sort out any problems straight away. Good value for money, would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Claire Stain

Lived in the same house with claypenny for the past 2 years. Any problems we have had have been sorted, hassle free, within a few days. The staff have always been very friendly and happy to help with any enquiries. They have always shown much appreciation for us looking after the house and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for student accommodation. Been a fab 2 years in the house & don’t want to leave!!

Marcia D

Really helpful and friendly landords plus been living in a beautiful house over the past year, would defintely recommend them.

Jake B

Best landlords in Sheffield, there’s a reason they are fully booked early, great service would highly recommend

Hannah B

Only been with Claypenny for a year but have loved our house and the service they provide is brilliant. All the staff are friendly and will do anything they can to help you. If I was staying in Sheffield I would definitely live with them again! Strongly recommend them to anyone looking for a house!

Caroline W

Everyone working at Claypenny is friendly and nothing is too much of a problem. The houses are of such high standard we stayed two years! Thanks for replacing our microwave, fridge and lightbulbs at light speed and with a smile!

Sian J

Lived on Stalker Lees Road for 2 years now with Claypenny. They have always been reliable, and fixed whatever problem we’ve had within a day or two. Don’t want to leave our lovely house!! Thanks for making the last 2 years a great hassle free experience.

Alice W

I have had dealings with a few student landlords in Sheffield and Claypenny are by far the best. I can not fault them. They have been very good to us and have helped us greatly. I would recommended them to all Sheffield students and I am sorry to have to leave!!

Craig A

Great service for the year and would highly recommend to any students for the future

Sarah B

2 great years with Claypenny – never a problem, always helpful and made sure we were happy!

Craig H

Claypenny have been very helpful over the past year, we’re with them again next year. Always helpful couldn’t say a bad word about them.

Heather H

Claypenny were very helpful and really went the extra mile to help us out with accommodation problem. Great service.

Sian C

Fantastic Service, will most definitely recommend to friends.

Jessica H

We’ve been with Claypenny Properties for two years and it has been fantastic! Any problems have been sorted out quickly and efficiently, we are going to be so sad to move out of such a beautiful home. Thanks for everything Claypenny :)

Amy Victoria C

We have been really happy with Claypenny Properties, all of their staff have been more than helpful and have sorted any problems promptly and professionally, Thanks again for being great for the past two years : )


I’d like to add that we have both thoroughly enjoyed living in the property and will both be highly recommending your agency to anyone in the future who may be looking for student accommodation in the area (429a Ecclesall Road)

Rosanna L – 12 Ainsley Road

I’m so glad that I chose a Claypenny property for my first student house. They are easy to get in touch with and always very helpful and willing to come round at any time to sort things out. I would definitely recommend Claypenny properties to anyone who is looking for a beautiful student home with great customer service!

Dan A – 32 Rosedale Road

Good honest landlords; any minor problem we have had have been sorted very quickly! The houses all seem brilliant, are modern, and I would definitely recommend Claypenny to other students!

Cleavon S – 11 Bruce Road

I have lived in Claypenny Properties for 2 years since 2011 and I have loved it. I feel at home here and looked after by all the team. When I become a professional in June I will really miss the service that Claypenny has provided. If only they could provide properties for professionals as well. I would recommend Claypenny Properties any day!

Sarah S – 11 Cemetery Avenue

Claypenny’s services have been second to none. Any queries, question’s or problems’s has been ratified at the speed of student’s rushing to the bar. They offer a homely, friendly and approachable attitude that make living away from home as simple as possible. Thank you claypenny for supporting us in the best years of our lives.

Nicole G – 7 Cemetery Avenue

Claypenny has provided me with a perfect student house, not only an affordable but very secure. I have felt at home with the furnishings and the esthetics of the house. they have been extremely helpful, reliable and trustworthy landlords. I’ve had exceptional and quick service from them and would highly recommend them to anyone!

Ali C – 7 Cemetery Avenue

Claypenny fulfills everything you would want when looking for a student house. From house viewings to moving in, the landlords are always available to deal with any questions or problems efficiently. the furnishings provides you with a homely feel, the rooms are spacious and I will genuinely miss living in a Claypenny property.

Abi V – 26 Denham Road

If you are looking for a modern and spacious property in some of the best locations in Sheffield then look no further then, Claypenny are GUARANTEED to be the one to go with! Over the last 2 years they have ensured complete satisfaction with the house, making the time spent in their property an amazing and unforgettable experience.

Ro B – 761 Ecclesall Road

Claypenny offer extremely reasonable prices for good quality houses in good locations. They are always quick to respond with any help or maintenance required.

Marlies H – 761 Ecclesall Road

Claypenny have been nothing but helpful over the year we have been with them. Whenever there has been a problem they have always responded quickly and were always on had to answer any queries. They are a peasant company and I would happily take up a tenancy with them again.

Fay B – 12 Ainsley Road

Claypenny aren’t like other student housing agents; they don’t to rip you off, and are only interested in making their tenants happy. Friendly, reliable and good value.

Callan R – 33 Cemetery Avenue

Claypenny has been brilliant during my time at Sheffield. The property was just off Ecclesall Road so it wasn’t far to drag myself out of bed for uni! Service has always been friendly and if there were any problems they were arranged to be sorted almost instantly!

Chloe G – 86 Stalker Lees Road

Claypenny was an easy choice for our student accommodation; small deposits, good locations and plenty of choice. Claypenny homes are modern and spacious but at affordable prices, which is why us and many of our friends chose them. Always helpful in a crisis, the claypenny team has been quick and informative with any queries or problems we have had. I would definitely recommend them to any Sheffield student this year

Lauren F – 97 Penury Road

I would definitely recommend Claypenny Properties to anyone. The best and most helpful landlords I’ve had during my 3 years at university. Nothing is a hassle for them and their amazing team and all offered at a very fair price.

Kirsty L – 59 Pinner Road

I definitely recommend choosing a student house with Claypenny as not only are they honest and reliable, they are very friendly and supportive and ensure you can find a safe suitable property to live in, they have always ensured regular maintenance of the property and have fixed any problems straight away.

Will Richardson – 45 Denham Road

Claypenny are great landlords. I have lived with them for 2 years whilst at uni and they have not once let me down. They are very approachable and if anything needs sorting they are always quick to resolve any issue! I was even able to earn some cash by working for Fraser (legend). If your’re looking for a friendly, reliable landlord that offers great value for money, I strongly advise staying in a Claypenny property.

Roxy P – 408 Ecclesall Road

Claypenny are more then just an estate agency, they will become a good friend offering affordable, beautiful renovated houses in the best locations. Fix any problem in a very fast time and they do not over charge you. Want the best accommodation in Sheffield? Then go to Claypenny and they will help you with ANYTHING! Highly recommend to anyone and I give them 10/10!

Lauren S – Flat 3, 43 Collegiate Crescent

This is my second year at university and my first year dealing with private housing estate agents, and Claypenny have been nothing but fantastic from the beginning. Their exceptional reputation precedes them, never too busy to help with any issues you may have and Fraser is the friendliest landlord you could ask for!

Brodie C -10 Rosedale Road

‘Thank you for two great years in the house…we would all thoroughly recommend you’

Emma F – 12 Ainsley Road

‘I would like to take the chance to thank you for being excellent landlords’

Kathryn B – 10 Rosedale Road

‘I have had a great 2 years living in the house and I am glad we chose you’

Lauren S – 10 Rosedale Road

‘Thank you so much for your lovely services’

Emma B – 97 Penryhn

‘Thank you for everything and being wonderful landlords this past year’.

Matt A – 10 Rosedale Road


Bertie P – 180 Pomona Street

“Claypenny are the ultimate student landlords. If there has ever been a maintenance, finance or any other issue it has been dealt with both quickly and professionally. Highly recommend these guys”.

Mrs Cheryl A – Mother from Tenant at 68 Stalker Lees Road

“Over the last two years my daughter Sarah and her friends rented the above house from you.

As you can imagine as a parent it is daunting when your child first moves away from home, so I would like to thank you in being a very efficient company that allayed any fears I had about my daughter moving into rented accommodation.

Your company were quick to deal with any problems the girls had and always responded promptly when the girls had any questions. It is a great relief that a company like yours exists as one often hears such bad reports about landlords.

I have friends whose children are moving to Sheffield to study and I will thoroughly recommend your company to them.

Once again thank you”.

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