St Silas Flat 1, Sheffield

City, Sheffield, S3 7WQ

Price: £1035pw bills included

St Silas, Flat 1 is an extra large, 4-bed student flat with 2 bathrooms.  The property has a great size lounge/kitchen, leather sofas and is all Ikea furnished.

St Silas House is a detached office building that is currently being converted into 8 separate flats available for student letting close to the city centre, West Street and Devonshire Green. This new refurbishment is finished to an extremely high spec.

St Silas, Flat 1 – Features

  • Ikea furniture
  • Flat screen TV’s
  • limited car parking.

The building has 4 floors, each with a 3 bed and a 4 bed flat. This could appeal to groups of 7 (if 2 flats are taking both flats on a floor).  Some parking available in private car park.

St Silas, Flat 1 has a great communal garden with outside BBQ area.  Viewing highly recommended.
If you have any further questions you’d like to discuss with us please get in touch

  • Bedrooms 4
  • Bathrooms 2
  • Rooms Available Now None
  • Rooms Available July 2018 None

Area: City

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