Sheffield’s Best Eateries For Students

Man cannot subsist on pasta, beans and cheese alone, or so the famous saying would have us believe. Many student cupboards are a smorgasbord of three or four ingredients as frugal scholars cut back on the pennies spent on foodstuffs in favour of other priorities. However, sometimes you want to get out and let somebody else do the work.

Everybody enjoys a good restaurant meal, but you want to make sure that you are getting something decent and filling, whilst not paying the earth for it. With that in mind, we present you with eight great places in Sheffield to scratch that pig-out itch.

The Old House

Sitting on Division Street, the décor of The Old House sits somewhere between an American Bar and a traditional English pub.

Offering a wide selection of food from cockles and samphire, to a traditional roast, there is plenty of good grub on offer. However, what you really want are the daily special pies. For £7.95 you get a delicious home-made pie with hand-cut chips, mushy peas and gravy. If you go on a Friday, they offer the dish for a mere £5.


With outlets on Campo Lane and Ecclesall Road, Couch is a quirky and colourful restaurant/bar. Big on comfort, Couch is packed with armchairs and sofas to go alongside its rustic dining tables and chairs.

The menu is packed with sandwiches and salads and tapas, all the way up to full meals like pies and chilli. Delicious burgers will set you back a cool £9, but if you come along on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, you can enjoy a two-for-one offer. So, bring a friend (unless you are feeling really hungry) and tuck in.

Two Steps

Head down to Sharrowvale Road and you’ll find Sheffield’s top fish and chip shop. A traditional take-away, Two Steps opened in 1895 and shows no sign of slowing down over a century later.

It’s always busy so the food comes out fresh all the time and you can grab a huge portion of cod and chips for just shy of £5. All of the food is cooked in vegetable oil, for the vegetarians amongst you.

Craft and Dough

For absolutely delicious pizza call in at Craft and Dough on Kelham Square. Abandoning classic topping combinations like ham and pineapple or meat feast, you can instead enjoy great gourmet options such as Artichoke and salami, or Yorkshire goat’s cheese and beetroot.

Starting at £4.50 and the most expensive option is just £9, you can enjoy authentic homemade pizza at a price that will make the big chains blush.

The Street Food Chef

Offering great and substantial Mexican food at a good price, The Street Food Chef is your destination for burritos, tacos and other south-of-the-border fare. Family run and award winning, you cannot go wrong if you are looking for food with a punch.

If you are feeling really hungry you can attempt their £14.99 burrito challenge. Weighing in at 3.5 times the mass of a standard burrito, this mammoth plate is packed with rice, black beans, chicken or pork, four different salsas (including a super-hot variety) and is smothered in sour cream, guacamole and jalapeños. A side of broken nacho chips rounds off this magnificent dish and, if you can finish it within an hour, you will get your photo on their prestigious wall of fame.


Born of a collaboration between a chef and a nutritionist, Nourish offers great value food that is delicious and healthy. Their breakfast menu is the big draw and offers wraps, eggs, porridge and more.  For lunch and dinner they offer a range of sandwiches, wraps, hot seasonal dishes and some fantastic baked sweet potatoes with imaginative fillings such as poached eggs and pesto, and feta, thyme and orange zest.

Each item on the menu has a nutritional breakdown and there are plenty of options for vegetarians and those with other special dietary requirements. Best of all, I could not find a single dish that costs over £5.

Saigon 68

Located on London Road, Saigon 68 serves up authentic Vietnamese and Pacific Rim cuisine. The long queues stand testament to the appeal of this great food, but do not be put off as service is lightning fast.

Fantastic and substantial soups, noodles and rice dishes are the order of the day here and you will not be disappointed. Lunchtime specials, consisting of a dish, drink and fruit, for £6.99 will see you through long afternoons in the books and a blanket 10% discount for students make it a great choice at any time.

Fanoush Salad Bar

Found in the city centre Fanoush Salad Bar is a great place to grab yourself a hearty falafel lunch. Freshly cooked and served up with an enormous selection of salad, spices, hummous, cheeses and dressings, this Middle-Eastern favourite will give you all of the energy that you need to withstand another few hours of stomping around the shops.

There are our favourite eateries around Sheffield. Whatever food you are in the mood for, from burgers to breakfast, you can find a great value option here in the city. Do you have any favourite gems that we have missed off though? Tell us below why you think that your purveyor of choice deserves special mention. Have fun.

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