The Best Art Galleries in Sheffield

If you fancy yourself as a bit of culture vulture  but aren’t sure where to start in Sheffield then take a look at our guide to the best art galleries in Sheffield so you can get your culture fix!  Sheffield has some fantastic smaller art galleries, but recent funding cuts to Sheffield Museum mean that our art scene is under threat despite having the most artist’s studios outside London.  A lot of the smaller galleries are funded by donations so it’s really important that those who care about burgeoning culture here in the steel city are in the know about what’s out there!

S1 Artspace

Currently under threat of closure due to lack of funding S1 artspace provides studio space for over 20 Sheffield based artists, presenting an annual programme of contemporary exhibitions, screenings and events.  It was founded in 1995 by artists seeking to create a sustainable studio environment in Sheffield and it’s recently provided space for art students from Sheffield Hallam.  In the past the studio has provided space for well-known graphic designers Designers Republic, alongside the award-winning artist Haroon Mirza.

Bank street arts

Bank street arts is a self-funded cross-disciplinary Arts Centre.  It’s only four years old and it provides an exciting home for a wide range of creative individuals and organisations creating some of the best new art, writing and culture from Sheffield and beyond.  Since it is self-funded it has a pretty unique opportunity to pretty much do whatever it wants, and this kind of freedom allows creativity to flourish.  In 2011 it hosted 65 different exhibitions involving over 1750 participants.  On their website they say, “At Bank Street Arts, nothing is set in stone (even walls have been known to move) and every day is different.”

Site gallery

The site gallery is another small arts space which has had some fantastic exhibitions on in the past.  It originally began as a photography gallery in Walkley in 1978.  Site often has digital and multimedia work exhibited as well as photography.  Think video, projection and installations against more traditional artworks.  The site gallery often puts on talks to complement its programme.

Graves gallery

Located above the Sheffield Central Library, Graves is a slightly bigger gallery. It has a few permanent exhibitions which are worth a look and temporary exhibitions which showcase everything from Turner to Lenoard Beautmont.  Graves is a part of MuseumSheffield so has suffered under the £800,000 arts council cuts to funding for the city.

Stuff to keep an eye on:

Though funding cuts have hit the city hard Sheffield is the kind of place where grassroots creativity will always blossom.  If you want to check out some of the newest incarnations of artistic flair (it could all change in a few months!) then take a look at The audacious art experiment or Prism to make a start.

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