The Coolest Derelict Buildings in Sheffield

Sheffield’s former status as an industrial hub means there are plenty of amazing derelict buildings hidden around the city which very few of us know about and as abandoned buildings tend to, they photograph pretty amazingly. We’ve scoured the web to find some of the best images of the derelict parts of Sheffield to share with you.

Loxley Chapel

Originally built in 1787 by reverend Benjamin Greaves the chapel has a history of being out of use. Upon completion consecration of the chapel was refused because the builders wouldn’t put in an east window (possibly due to lack of funds). It was eventually sold at auction for £315 and became an independent chapel. Henry Tingle Wilde, the first officer on the Titanic who reportedly committed suicide in the last moments of her sinking was baptised here. According to a census of 1851 the chapel had a congregation of around 200 at an afternoon service.

The chapel has been closed since 1993 and is now in a state of disrepair despite reportedly being listed. Sadly the surrounding burial ground has also been neglected –to find out more take a look at this discussion thread.

Photos taken by Matt Allen. To see more of his work visit his site:


Oscar Works, Record Tools

Oscar Works is the former home of C&J Hampton Limited which became Record Tools in 1909.  From this time to 1930 the company produced engineering and woodworking vices, G clamps, T bar sash cramps, floor cramps, pipe cutters, Stillson wrenches and lifting jacks.  The company moved to various places around Sheffield including Ouse road, Attercliffe, Bernard Road and The Parkway Works.  This particular works closed down some time in the early 2000’s and is now most notable for the variety of amazing graffiti you can find there from some of Sheffield’s most well-known graffiti artists.

Dyson Refractories

In the early 1800s John Dyson founded a clay mine and brickmaking company based in Stannington which later manufactured refractory material, ceramics for the steel industry and fire backs and other household ceramic bricks for Agas and other ovens. The factory closed in 2005.


Pictures taken by Goldie87

Sheffield Old Town Hall/Court House

Previously Sheffield Town Hall, this building was first built in 1807-8 which was extended in 1833 and then again in 1866 when the building’s courtrooms were linked by underground passages to the neighbouring Sheffield Police Offices.  In 1890 the building became too small to function as town hall so the current Sheffield Town Hall was built further South. In 1896-7 it was extended yet again and became the Sheffield Crown Court and Sheffield High Court.  The courts were moved in the 1990s and the building is out of use.  In 2007 it was named by the Victorian Society as one of their top ten buildings most at-risk.


Photos taken by sonyes. To see more of his work visit his flickr account.

Cornish Works

Cornish Works, not to be confused with the converted Cornish Place opposite, Cornish Works was the home of George Barnsley and Sons Ltd who specialised in forge filing and cutting tools for leather workers and shoe makers.  George Barnsley was

Photos taken by Proj3ct M4yh3m.  Visit the site to see more of Proj3ct M4yh3m’s work.

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