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Six Great Sheffield Attractions

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Sheffield has evolved somewhat from the industrial focal point that it once was. Whilst remnants of the city’s rich still stand everywhere you go, the place has gone through something of a Darwinian metamorphosis.

Once a city almost entirely devoted to the production of steel and related products, it is now home to not one, but two universities and is a hub of bars, restaurants and cultural experiences – such as the independent cinema.

This evolution has created a unique blending of the contemporary and the traditional, as the old factories have been repurposed into bars, clubs, art galleries and many other types of building.

This means that Sheffield has plenty of unique and fun attractions for you to enjoy. Whether you are studying here for a few years or just popping in for the weekend, there is bound to be something that will appeal amongst Sheffield’s myriad experiences.

Join us then as we present six great Sheffield attractions that we think that you should check out whilst you stay in this wonderful and historic city.

  1. Peddler Night Market

You have to make sure that you are in town for this bi-monthly night market. People come from all over the country to set up their stalls and offer an enormous selection of weird and wonderful street food for the hungry foodies amongst you. Art stalls are also present to sell you something interesting and live entertainment adds to the atmosphere of this vibrant and bustling market place. All in all there are definitely worse ways to spend an evening in Sheffield.

  1. Bishop’s House

Bishop’s house is one of three buildings in the city that can claim to be the oldest structures in Sheffield (Carbrook Hall and The Queen’s Head Pub complete the trinity) and has stood relatively unchanged since the 1500s.

A must see for anyone interested in the history of the area this timber framed house is run by the Friends of Bishop’s House, a small but dedicated team of volunteers devoted to the maintenance and legacy of this wonderful building.

The Friends offer free tours on Saturdays and Sundays, so be sure to go and check it out.

  1. The Showroom

Sheffield’s aforementioned independent cinema is one of the first things you’ll see when you step out of the train station. A beautiful art deco building converted from a 1930s car showroom (hence its puntastic name) it has been a hub for culture vultures and movie buffs since it opened for business back in the 1990s.

Showing a mix of arty and independent films and the latest blockbusters, everyone is sure to find something worth seeing at this centrepiece of Sheffield’s cultural scene.

  1. Sheffield Round Walk

A great way to spend a summer’s day if you have one to kill. The walk begins at Endcliff Park and terminates 14 miles later at Graves Park. You’ll take in many points of Sheffield’s natural beauty spots and have a great time doing it.

There are maps available online so that you can ensure that you are on the right path and don’t end up lost in the woods.

  1. Millennium Gallery

Since it opened in 2001, the Millennium Gallery has been home to numerous wonderful exhibits and installations. From over a century old works by John Ruskin to contemporary metalwork exhibits, art aficionados of all tastes are sure to find something appealing contained within.

And once you are done with your days critiquing of the pieces and installations that you have seen – you can wet your whistle in the charming café located downstairs.

  1. Botanical Gardens

Stretching over a mammoth 19 acres of land, the botanical gardens of Sheffield are a must see for any visitors with a green thumb or an appreciation of nature. You can visit flora from all over the globe in the various themed mini-gardens and take in the wonderful 1800 glass pavilions.

Explore the entire garden or take a seat in your favourite area and while away the day in peaceful and serene surroundings. Having recently undergone a massive renovation project, these beautiful gardens are well worth a visit, even if you have been before.

Well, there you have six of our favourite attractions to fill your days with in the wonderful city of Sheffield. From food to cinema, to art and nature; Sheffield truly does have something to offer everyone.

Have we missed any though? Maybe you know of some obscure and esoteric little gem that is tucked away in a forgotten corner of the city and would like to shout it from the top of the internet? Please let us know in the comments what your favourite Sheffield attractions are and why you love them so much?

Have fun.


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