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Types of Student Accommodation in Sheffield, and the Pros and Cons of Each

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Sheffield is one of the most diverse cities with amazing cultural wonders. The city is known for its industrial history and unmatched modern developments. It welcomes thousands of new students every year as it is also home to two established universities, Sheffield Hallam University and the University of Sheffield.

The city has a variety of student housing in the market, making it a bit confusing for newcomers looking for the most suitable student accommodation to suit their needs. Each of the accommodation types has its benefits and drawbacks, and you should evaluate each before settling on one. Read on to understand the different types of students' properties in Sheffield and the pros and cons of each.

University Managed Rooms

These residences are owned and managed by specific campuses. Most universities require first and second-year students to stay in these residences as they are the most convenient options when navigating around the school. You are required to apply via the university to secure a room.

In most cases, the rooms are located inside or near the school, and the costs are extremely low. Besides the affordable rental rates, you also get to save money such that you will not need to pay transport money to commute. This accommodation is also a time-saver because you will be staying near the campus, hence less time spent to and from classes.

Uni-owned halls offer only the essentials without luxurious facilities and high-end perks. With a roof over your head, a comfortable studying area and a food canteen, you are good to go. The houses are preferred due to geographical convenience, and they are economical.

Most of the rooms are shared among three to five students where you will be sharing the living space, bathroom and kitchen. In some companies, you have the choice to either cook or buy cooked foods while some offer catering services to save the students' time.


  • The houses are super affordable
  • They are located near campuses
  • They offer convenience


  • The houses only provide the basic facilities and outdated interiors
  • Coronavirus outbreaks at student halls in other cities (not Sheffield yet, fortunately!) have highlighted the advantages of renting smaller student flats

Private Halls

These are more like university halls, but they offer more than the essentials. The houses are owned and managed by private companies and are mostly targeted towards students looking for high-end places. They provide luxurious facilities and other perks to make the lives of the students easier and manageable. The houses are full of entertainment and fun all from cinema rooms, pizza nights, games rooms and fast Wi-Fi. Although this accommodation is luxurious, it is not the best choice if you are operating on a budget.

Some private halls provide you with an opportunity to combine all the monthly expenses such that you pay a flat fee for all the services you receive in a month or semester. With this, you do not have to juggle bills or worry about going broke in the middle of a term. Such expenses include rent, maintenance and utilities.


  • High-end facilities
  • Availability of essential entertainment facilities
  • Central location near the campuses


  • They are expensive

Private House-Share

This is the other common form of private residency for students. The houses are shared among several students, which could be between four and six. You have the option to look for your roommates if you wish to stay with friends. The properties are managed by student landlords and agents. You have to follow the same processes as you would if you were renting a family apartment. You are also required to maintain the houses and keep them clean.

The best part is that there will be many of you so you can share the bills and maintenance duties, thus making private house-share more convenient and cheaper than private flats. You may share personal expenses, such as food. The main issue with these houses is that you lack privacy.

Getting a property near your university is a real hassle, and if you are not lucky enough, you may have to commute for over 40 minutes before reaching school. Therefore, you should consider the location.


  • You can share costs hence affordability
  • House-sharing gives you a chance to socialize
  • You live an independent life
  • A smaller household bubble means Coronavirus infections and self-isolation is less likely


  • The houses lack privacy

Student Studios

Student studios are a perfect choice if you love privacy or living in quiet places. A studio gives you the peace you need to concentrate on assignments and other tasks. You can bunker down in the studio and stay away from distractions all day long, and you do not have to deal with annoying roommates.

Although the rooms are a bit expensive, they are worth the trouble. If you wish to socialize during the weekends or free time, you can do so in the common rooms where you can access all sorts of entertainment with other students in your block.

The other benefit is that you do not have to worry about sharing the bathroom, living and cooking area. You live an independent life, and you follow your designated schedule. Student studios are a popular choice with Ph.D. students who do not wish to live in noisy areas or are already working while still in school.


  • You live a quiet life
  • No sharing of essentials


  • They are expensive

These are a few of the available housing options for students in Sheffield and surrounding areas. With this guide, you can quickly determine which choice fits your needs and budget.

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