Date: 27.10.15

What Type Of Learner Are You? Take The Quiz

Are you the sort of person who likes to leave all of your essays to the very last minute, cramming what should have been 8 weeks worth of revision and 3000 words into just under 2 hours? Or are you more methodical in your approach to your studies? Someone who likes to read slowly but

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Date: 23.10.15

5 Great Apps to Help You Through Your Degree

When studying, you need all of the help that you can find and there are no end of books, guides and other materials that will assist you in your quest for higher education. However, one relatively new utility that is available to the modern student is the smartphone or tablet. Not only are these devices

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Date: 09.10.15

The Hows and Whys of Recording Your Lectures

  Many students these days choose to record audio of their lectures. This can be for a variety of reasons, such as if a lecture is going to be missed due to illness or if the subject matter is particularly complex. As with most things in life however, recording your lectures comes with advantages and

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Date: 01.10.15

Tips on Improving Your Self-Esteem

Self-esteem refers to the beliefs that you hold about yourself. This can mean everything from the sort of person that you are, your abilities and skills, as well as your expectations for the future. People with high self-esteem will generally hold largely positive views about themselves. They still experience all of the same hardships and

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Date: 15.01.16

Developing Good Study Habits

Studying is all about getting yourself in the right frame of mind for extended periods of concentration. Lots of different people do this in lots of different ways, and so there are no hard and...

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Date: 08.01.16

Tips On Keeping Your Student Accommodation Clean

You will no doubt have been shouted at to keep your things – your room, your clothes, your dishes, your washing – clean and tidy your whole life. Right from the moment we are born,...

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Date: 23.12.15

The 5 Most Annoying Types Of Housemate

Living with people ain’t easy. That’s just a fact. You will remember how many arguments you’ve had with your siblings over the years. They’re your own flesh and blood, and yet there have been countless...

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Date: 18.12.15

Dissertation: 3 Tips To Make Your Dissy A Doddle

There are certain milestones in your life that pave the way to adulthood (and then right on through to the grave, but let’s not worry about those yet). Each one is surrounded by its own...

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