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A Guide For Student Freshers in 2020 - Fun Things to Do in Sheffield

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From the affordable cost of living, beautiful sceneries to lovely studying environment, there is everything to love about Sheffield. The city attracts thousands of students every year as it is home to some of the most reputable institutions, including The University of Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam University and The Sheffield College. With the large students' community, most things around the city are discounted to fit students' budget.

If you are a fresher or hoping to move to Sheffield for Uni this year, you will love the fun and entertainment options that the city has to offer. Your weekends, nights and free days will never be the same. For starters, the region is students' friendly, so you never have to worry about getting bored. Security is tight, and there are endless opportunities to grow your skills.

Whether you are into shopping, partying, eating or taking walks around the park, Sheffield has something for everyone. To make your experience easier, here is a comprehensive guide on things to do around Sheffield.

Have Fun at the Rude Shipyard

This is a perfect spot for coffee and cake lovers. It is also a nice and cosy place to have casual chats with friends in the morning as you enjoy your favourite breakfast. The café is located near Abbeydale road, and the best part is that it has a library so you can head there after breakfast. If you are looking to improve your writing skills, Rude Shipyard hosts poetry-reading events from time to time, and it wouldn't hurt trying. It is a favourite space for students, and you are likely to make like-minded friends while there.

Shop at Moor Market

If you are a foodie, Moor Market has you covered. The place offers everything you may need to keep yourself full and busy during your free time. While here, you can try out a variety of street foods or go to one of the chain restaurants for delicious traditional foods. Once you are done shopping, you can go to The Light located at the bottom of the market. It features a bar and cinema, perfect places to relax and unwind with friends. The drinks and tickets prices are discounted to favour students.

Check-in at Tramlines

This is the perfect place to learn new music and explore the unknown side of the city. It is a three-day festival which happens in different venues across the city. You can take advantage of the three days to discover your music skills, socialize and familiarize yourself with the city's culture. The event has always been free, and although this is bound to change, the ticket prices will undoubtedly be affordable to students. Also, it is worthwhile considering how expensive getting to a music event can be. Even better, the music played in Tramlines is meant to accommodate everyone regardless of their taste.

Drink With Friends at Carver Street

Your weekend is not complete without going out for drinks with friends. It is the most refreshing way after a long week at school and also a chance to catch up. Carver Street is home to some of the best clubs and bars around Sheffield including Crystal Bar Viper Rooms and Paris. Other than drinks, you can dance to highly-selected RnBs or go to Popworld for entertaining old-school pop music. Carver Street hosts hundreds of students at nights. The costs are student-friendly, and security is highly observed so you can feel safe even if you choose to stay until morning. You can also go to West Street Lives after drinks for live bands happening every night.

Check-In at Bungalows and Bears

Located on Division Street, this bar is known for drinks, live music and amazing food choices. It features a great selection of drinks and live-music to accommodate everyone. It is a great choice for you if you love going out without necessarily dressing up like you are going to the club. It is a decent and calm place to relax and have helpful talks with your peers as you enjoy a few drinks. They have amazing DJs every night to make your stay more interesting.

Clothes and Gifts Shopping at Division Street

Division Street is a student hotspot for anyone that loves vintage items. You will love it because it is located in the middle of the city centre and it is home to some reputable retailers across Sheffield. Vulgar and Freshman's is known for quality vintage clothes all which come at a friendly price. If you are looking for the right items to gift your family or friends, you should try Moonko which offers a variety of arty items from creatives across the city. They also host artistry events, and you can try your luck if you love crafting.

Freshers Festival

You cannot afford to miss out of one of the most anticipated students' events which will be happening on the 29th of September. Freshers Festival will be hosted virtually, and it is the biggest event accommodating all students across the UK and beyond. It will be completely free, so anyone who wishes to participate can join. The virtual and live event will be focusing on mobile-first content and other than welcoming new students, there will be job offers, freebies, brand promotions, music sessions, morning-workouts and other interactive events.

With around 560,000 people living in the Steel City, 60,000 of them are students. This goes to show just how friendly the city is for the youths in terms of cost of living, security even at night and creativity. The region is filled with fun activities to suit everyone's preferences. Whether you love staying indoors or exploring nature, Sheffield has something for you. The amazing shopping malls, clubs, restaurants, markets, parks and woodlands make the place a great place to call home. Your life as a student can never be boring, and you will be surrounded by opportunities to learn new skills and improve your social life. Contact us at Claypenny Properties for all your accommodation needs. We aim to offer students across Sheffield affordable accommodation that emphasis on safety, energy efficiency and comfort.


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