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Sheffield Hallam Student Accommodation

The Sheffield University and Sheffield Hallam University are both located on the 'Hallam Ridge' - a ridge of hillside that runs out from the Sheffield City Centre towards the hills in the West.  Parts of the Hallam ridge out beyond Ranmoor and Fulwood rise to over 1000 feet above sea level, giving lofty views over the surrounding city.  This zone of Sheffield is one of the wealthiest areas in the UK outside of London (and at least 10 times friendlier too!).

Sheffield Hallam accommodation offers huge variety for the discerning student, and is generally a little cheaper than student accommodation in Sheffield city centre.

If you want to combine leafy suburbs with an inner-city buzz, and stay near to the main Sheffield Universities, student accommodation in Sheffield Hallam is the option you want.

Claypenny Properties provides student accommodation for students of Sheffield Hallam University and The University of Sheffield across a wide area of Sheffield Hallam.

Every year, around 50,000 university students flock to Sheffield, meaning that student properties in the convenient Sheffield Hallam areas are in high demand.

Some choose to reside at one of the universities' own student halls - both Sheffield Hallam University and The University of Sheffield offer this - but many decide that student hall residences are not for them - too busy, noisy, or simply lacking in individuality.  And whilst student halls may be near the universities, this makes them further from the out of hours attractions such as the Sheffield City Centre or the nightlife of Ecclesall Road.

Sheffield City Centre student accommodation is not the choice of all either - anyone looking for cheap student accommodation would need to rule out this option, and so it is easy to see why many choose the leafy suburbs of Sheffield Hallam, especially the Ecclesall Road district with its diversity of bars, restaurants, and proximity to hundreds of other student houses.

Sheffield Hallam Accommodation

Claypenny manages over 50 properties within the Sheffield Hallam area, from 1 bedroom student apartments to 8 bedroom student houses.  However, due to the sheer volumes of students needing accommodation in Sheffield, student properties in the most popular areas are booked up fast - reserve yours today to avoid disappointment.

Search for student property in the various areas of Sheffield Hallam on our property listings page.

Or visit our main Sheffield student accommodation page to learn more about the different types of properties that we rent in Sheffield Hallam.


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