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What Sheffield University is About - In a Nutshell

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What do carbon nanotubes, buckyballs, a Lord Justice of Appeal, and cheminformatics have in common?

They are all connected with the University of Sheffield and its fields of study, alumni, and expertise. The Information school – or iSchool – consistently ranks first in the world for study of the increasingly critical area of information science.

Sheffield University and Medicine Teaching

A Medical Powerhouse

Did you know that the medical school has connections with no less than five NHS hospitals in Sheffield alone? Able to award degrees in medical subjects, the medical school is dove-tailed with the Northern General, Royal Hallamshire, Charles Clifford Dental, Sheffield Children’s, and Weston Park Hospitals. You can see more on the website and Google Maps here.

Buckyballs, by the way, are a form of pure carbon in spherical C60 format that are part of the exciting breakthrough that is fullerenes and graphene… we knew you’d want to know!

From usage data in real-time of hand sanitiser dispensers to coordinating engineering research and advanced manufacturing with Boeing, the University of Sheffield is significant in all parts of modern life.

Tackling Hunger

Feeding a growing world population is obviously a key challenge. When Sheffield University students utilised discarded foam mattresses to grow food in a refugee camp in the Middle East, they were just rising to this challenge in an original way that could prove a real breakthrough in farming.

It’s the same with a cryogenic solution for stopping the ‘leaves on the line’ problem for train operators which was solved at Sheffield University.

Map of Sheffield University

A Video Education About the Uni & Sheffield:

These useful videos show the faculties and campuses, libraries, key buildings, and student’s union – the beating heart of the university:

Facilities At The University of Sheffield:

Take A Campus Tour With This Video:

The Diamond Advanced Engineering Faculty:

Accommodation For Students

Claypenny Properties have a substantial variety of student accommodation properties that are great for those that prefer not to be at the Endcliffe and Ranmoor villages and yet within easy distance of the Arts Tower, The Diamond, Northgate House, or Firth Court.

Here are two examples close to the Medical School and The Diamond:


Walking to the Medical School

Walking to The Diamond

1 Turners Lane

6 minutes

17 minutes

81 Brunswick Street

11 minutes

10 minutes


1 Turners Lane:

1 Turners Lane

1 Turners Lane - Kitchen


81 Brunswick Street

81 Brunswick Street

81 Brunswick Street - Bedroom

Broomhall, Sharrow, Endcliffe, and Hunters Bar areas, which surround the Ecclesall Road artery from the city, are areas where peaceful and leafy suburbs near the Botanic Gardens and green spaces contain our properties.


Weary students have only a very short distance by bus or on foot and are close to restaurants, cafes, shopping and for that matter only a short way from the beautiful Peak District national park.

Peak District

You can see all our properties here and we are on hand to help with securing your student accommodation or answer any questions you may have. Just call us on 0114 266 9900 or email us at


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What Sheffield University is About - In a Nutshell

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