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Good To Know About Sheffield Hallam University

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SHU - as it is known – is big in several ways. With 30,000 students it is one of the larger places of higher education in the country, but its impact from nursing to computing and life engineering is mighty big also! 

Founded in 1843, Sheffield Hallam University’s roots lie in the need for competent design and engineering skills for the district as the industrial revolution started.

The university website states that “we use science and engineering to solve industrial problems” but in SHU’s own estate, the Cantor Building with its 200+ staff, is one of the most energy-efficient in the city.

A Remarkable Variety of Connections

A striking quality of SHU is the operational cross-fertilisation of ideas, disciplines, and areas of research to really solve day-to-day problems.

Examples of this would be the Life4Lab venture that mixes outputs from healthcare, design, and creative practices and another is CENTRIC which gives leading-edge thinking on terrorism, intelligence, and organised crime.

From learned works on the Dark Web, helping law enforcement agencies, the public, and government to engage and shape policy, to research on living with Long Covid, the breadth of Hallam’s research and its impact on current and future trends should not be underestimated.

A Yorkshire Post article from April 2021 highlights another key Sheffield Hallam University breakthrough in partnership with the Israeli Police for authenticating fingerprints more accurately to suspects and thus enhancing criminal justice.

The City Campus

The city center campus and buildings like the Cantor Building are located at Howard Street area that is close to the Sheffield Railway Station for easy connection to the Supertram or traveling further afield.

This Sheffield Hallam Campus includes teacher training, art and design, business school, science, and engineering, computing, and digital media.

The Collegiate Campus

About 2 miles away from the City Campus, this campus is set in the leafy suburb of Broomhall, on Collegiate Crescent.  The faculties at this campus teach sport and physical activity, health and care, and social sciences.

Sheffield Hallam has dozens of courses in the fields of human health and leads the country in approved nursing and midwifery courses that can be a ticket to a fulfilling career and membership of a professional body.

The video below gives a tour of Sheffield Hallam University Collegiate Campus which has – among other facilities - a mock courtroom to allow legal studies students to practice and sharpen their wits.

As you can see in the video, the Robert Winston Building in this campus is where the bulk of healthcare course teaching takes place, complete with mock hospital wards, augmented reality, and dental surgeries.

Sheffield Hallam Student Accommodation

At Claypenny we have a substantial estate of student accommodation properties very near to the Collegiate Campus.  This includes the Broomhall, Sharrow, and Hunters Bar areas, which surround Ecclesall Road – a main artery from the city and a short bus trip to the City Campus.

Weary students have only a very short distance to go to their digs – you can see all our properties here

Student Housing Area

Miles from SHU Collegiate

Miles from SHU City







Hunters Bar









Claypenny are always on hand to help with securing your student accommodation and we can help you with any questions you may have. Just call us on 0114 266 9900, or email us at

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