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Affordable Student Accommodation Sheffield

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It is important to get value for money and comfortable accommodation while studying for something as important as your degree or nursing qualification. In this blog, we explore some of the options that you may like to consider.       

Location: Student Accommodation in Sheffield City Centre or Suburbs?

Taking up lodgings in the city centre means you are physically close to the main centres of learning which in Sheffield includes several campuses, libraries, and both dental and teaching hospitals.

Being located here has a clear positive of a short commute and proximity to the rail, Supertram and bus network to go to the suburbs, Meadowhall shopping area, sports grounds, and even out to the Peak District.

However, the city centre does have the drawback of considerable noise and traffic pollution (although the council are pondering a clean air zone) and includes some of the highest cost student accommodation in Sheffield.

There are small green areas in the centre like Devonshire Green but in general, you will need to travel to access the best parks, green spaces, and tennis or squash clubs to the southwest in the Hunters Bar area.

In general, student houses a little further out of the centre will be larger and less expensive – in short, they offer better value for money.

Some of the most popular areas for student accommodation are:

Popular areas can also be seen on this handy video tour of the district:

Saving Your Money: Are Halls of Residence Best Value?

You could consider either the University of Sheffield or the Sheffield Hallam University’s Halls of Residence accommodation offerings which are well priced and located in large buildings. An example would be Ranmoor Village student halls, a little to the south-west of the city centre.

A study or studio, for example, in the Endcliffe halls of residence, can be ideal for both undergraduate and postgraduate students with plenty of student company from all over the world and access to the sport and study facilities.

Student halls of residence often represent the cheapest accommodation but while you need precious cash left over for coffee and cake, cost is not everything!

With mental health becoming better understood and in focus, it is good to bear in mind why you are at Uni – to get a quality education as the start of a career – and being stressed out by less-than-ideal digs is not great.  There is enough strain during this time without ‘home’ being unsatisfactory.

Student Houses as Your Home

There are many high-quality student houses to be found in the pleasant and leafy stone-built suburbs of S11 and S10 which include Endcliffe, Hunters Bar, Sharrow Vale, Broomhill, Crookes, and Ecclesall Road.  A student house is a larger and often detached property that is divided up into multiple apartments.

These properties represent the ‘third way’ when looking at accommodation from the cost or value point of view where a more private and spacious dwelling in pleasant surroundings for a good price is sought.

There is usually one shared living area including a kitchen, lounge, dining room, maybe even a conservatory, and then multiple individual bedrooms, so these are sometimes known as 'shared houses'.

Whilst the living and kitchen areas are shared in a student house, this often means they are bigger than the ones found in self-contained student properties.

Don’t worry about being away from your mates; the areas of Sharrow Vale and Broomhall are teeming with students and the crucial re-fuelling stops, bars, cafes, restaurants, and nightlife on Ecclesall Road are right there to be enjoyed!

The Commute and Your Free Time

Keeping commute time to a minimum would be a key priority for many students. Sheffield has a good network of buses and trams but picking a location within walking distance of the main campus buildings would make sense. Also, the bus network tends to be best on routes directly in and out of the city centre, links across the suburbs are not so frequent. The other consideration is how close are parks, leisure facilities, eating places and the open countryside? These considerations have made student housing in the Ecclesall Road corridor very popular, particularly for students at the Sheffield Hallam University Collegiate campus.

With large green spaces along the Porter Brook like Endcliffe Park or the renowned Sheffield Botanical Gardens and Hallamshire Tennis & Squash Club nearby, it’s hard to beat this area for value, vibe, and relaxation.

Take, for example, this house on Denham Road.  It is a large house in a prime Sheffield student location, just across the road from the Collegiate Campus and all local shops, cafes, and bars.  There are many large rooms, a great outdoor communal area, and is located just off Ecclesall Road. 

Conclusion – How Claypenny Can Help You

We understand the need for low-cost student accommodation in Sheffield. Our 55 properties in and around the city's best student areas are owned by us so we have ultimate control over the quality, and you have a wide choice of student flats and houses with stress-free service. 

All our student accommodation in Sheffield is within a bus ride of 16 minutes to the universities and teaching hospitals, and many are easy walking distance from the Sheffield Hallam Collegiate Campus.

Please get in touch today to discuss your accommodation needs.

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