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Choosing Student Accommodation in Sheffield – 10 Key Considerations

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Choosing Student Accommodation in Sheffield – 10 Key Considerations

Our primary focus is on taking care of our students, so we have put together this comprehensive guide on choosing student accommodation in Sheffield.

Sheffield continues to be one of the most popular university cities in the UK, with the Times Higher Education Student Experience survey rating The University of Sheffield within the top 5 universities in the UK for the 8th year running, including being 5th for student accommodation, and Sheffield Student Union currently tops the vote for the best student union in the UK.  Read more about the Sheffield student accommodation survey here.

Finding student accommodation in a sought-after university city like Sheffield isn’t easy.  If you’re new to Sheffield or it’s your first year of university, then not knowing what to look out for when choosing your student flat or apartment could lead to problems that could have been avoided.

Therefore we have put together this guide, with 10 key considerations when choosing student housing in Sheffield, to help you pick your ideal student digs.

Sheffield Student Accommodation Safety and Security

No. 1, we want to make sure you are protected from danger. Ask the landlord or lady about CCTV, keyfob entry, window shuttering, manned receptions and intercoms. Knowing there is someone to look out for you and your gear while you put in the hours will help you sleep easier at night. Check for fire alarms, fire blankets and extinguishers and carbon monoxide alarms. None of us wants a repeat of Grenfell so ensure you have an easy to reach fire exit. If you are a disabled student, consider a ground floor flat, even if there is a lift, in case it fails in the unlikely event of a fire breaking out.

Customisable and Flexible Student Accommodation

If you have a creative flair, or simply like to make your surroundings more like home, don’t be afraid to ask the agent or owner.  It can be a bit gutting if you throw a Christmas party and find you can’t even put tinsel up. Maybe you wish to deck the walls with portraits of family and those that inspire you?

No-one really loves living out of boxes, so ask the questions if you wish to put up your own shelving. Maybe you find a pinboard helps you remember key appointments or sticking points you want to help stick in your mind for exams. Might you want to put up your own lampshades, splash paint on the walls even? It can be a really cost-effective way to create a whole new look.

Student Accommodation WiFi Quality

Fibre broadband? At or above 25mbps is good, enough for streaming etc. You are going to want it to be good if you have housemates, or even just friends round, and especially if there is a home cinema installed. Run this test while you’re on-site checking out your potential student house if you can connect:

Accommodation With Your Own Bathroom and/or Kitchen

Especially with superbugs like the Covid-19 on the prowl, having your own facilities is a must if you can afford it. There is no queue for the microwave, only to find it covered in curry splatter when you get there meaning a clean-up job before you start. You don’t have to label your butter with your name in case someone else mistakes it as theirs, and there’s room in the fridge to keep your entire Coke supply chilled.

Student Accommodation Locations in Sheffield

Claypenny provides student housing in many popular areas of Sheffield, to suit your own particular style or budget.  Check our Sheffield Student Accommodation page for more information on the merits of areas like Sheffield Hallam, Broomhall, Sharrow, Endcliffe, Brindcliffe, Nether Edge, Greystones, and Bents Green, and of course, the amazing student-friendly corridor along Ecclesall Road and it’s golden mile.  Once you have decided on the best areas for student housing, you can view all of our Sheffield student accommodation listings here.  Use the filters to narrow down your search to the types of Sheffield student properties that you can afford.

Double Bedroom Accommodation

Double beds are a great perk and having the extra space means you can stretch out without bumping your head or heels. A double bedroom literally doubles up as a study place or to lounge on to watch TV, and can be somewhere to host a friend for an unofficial visit.

Hygiene & Wellbeing

If the kitchen cupboard doors don’t open without a bit of a yank and feel tacky around the edges, chances are the landlord or lady hasn’t been maintaining it properly. Also keep your eyes peeled for signs of damp, which leaves a slightly dank smell and will often show up in mould around skirtings and windows and in bathrooms, and evidence of pests e.g. ants or animal droppings.

Inclusive Bills

Can only just afford the rent without utilities and broadband connection on top?  Join the club, most students agree that student accommodation bills should be all-inclusive. Make sure you check up on this when you are comparing your options to make sure you get the best value for money.

Other Sheffield Student Accommodation Perks

A 24-7 helpline with a helpful handyman the other end is a big bonus, provided the maintenance is included in your contract. A burst pipe just before it’s time to go to class could be a student’s worst nightmare. A tumble dryer is a huge plus. Most housing doesn’t have much space to dry your washing and chances are you are likely to need it in a hurry. Off-street parking if you are lucky enough to own a car. Look out for quality, comfortable furnishings. It might be funny when your best friend falls through the chair when the seat collapses the first time she sits on it but it’s going to be a pain if you end up having to share yours or go out and replace it. At Claypenny, our accommodation is recently kitted out with Ikea furniture, so you know it’s mothball free.

Sheffield Student Accommodation Reviews

Last but not least!  Nothing like a bit of honest feedback. How else would you know the landlady’s cat helps herself to the catflap and makes herself at home every day? That’s fine if you love cats but not if you suffer from pet allergies. Plus, if the next-door neighbours row every night it can be very frustrating if you lose marks through lack of sleep. On the flip side, owners that give you back 100% of the retainer fee for keeping on top of the place, or provide a free cleaning service, are always appreciated.

Claypenny Properties have over 65 student accommodation reviews on google, with an average rating of 4.8/5.


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