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Guidelines for Sheffield Students in latest UK lockdown

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With the announcement for schools and universities to remain open during the second lockdown. Here's some information on what that means for students in Sheffield.

Lockdown General Information

The guideline is in place until the 2nd of December, and although students are finding the lockdown tough, this may be extended further. However, there could be a brief six day opportunity to return home before Christmas from the 3rd of December.

Rules About Going to School and Coming Home

Higher education facilities, schools, and universities are going to stay open during the lockdown per the announcement from the Cabinet Office updated on the sixth of November.

So, the first thing is that you can keep going to university. The Government is prioritising educational facilities. However, those living in university accommodation cannot move back and forth between school and home.

That's why those who are currently living outside of their school and commuting from places like Claypenny may have the most flexibility, since they won't have to travel to live where they want.

The current lockdown states that you can only return home after the term has ended. More details will be available at the end of the term about traveling home safely.

Currently, there is no projected rule that will prevent students from visiting home for Christmas.

General Things You Can't Do During Lockdown

Places of worship are largely shut down and attendance isn't generally allowed during the lockdown. Neither are civil partnership ceremonies or weddings. You may be able to get permission-based on exceptional circumstances.

You can reschedule any ceremonies with the proper email on the government page. This ban will last until at least the 2nd of December.

If you need to attend a funeral as a student, cemeteries, columbaria, and halls of remembrance are all open during the lockdown. When it comes to funerals, the maximum number of people is 25. You can only attend in public, outdoor spaces, or in venues that have been secured against Covid-19.

Wakes can't take place in private homes and there's a limit of 15 people. Funeral directors have been authorised to provide free live webcasting services so that you can attend funerals safely. It's possible to email a Funeral Director to make this happen. Filling graves can only occur with social distancing guidelines.

At-risk Students

Students who are deemed to be at-risk and extremely vulnerable to COVID-19. These students are advised to study from home and avoid going to university or higher education settings at all. If this is you, then you should have received a letter from your GP or NHS on this topic. You may have even been advised to stay home before as well. Students who live with someone at-risk may still attend.


The lockdown indicates that any kind of training as part of clubs is not currently allowed, so you shouldn't go to these unless you have a strong source that indicates you have an exception.


Currently, the guideline is that two households constituting up to 6 people can still meet outdoors. One exception to this is if a carer needs to visit someone's home. This could be a life and death type of situation so it's definitely allowed even If it violates other guidelines, generally.

Things You Can Do in Sheffield During Lockdown

While the recommendation is to only leave your home for work, recreation, exercise, medical reasons, or shopping, you can still go to public places.

This includes playgrounds, parks, beaches, or just into the countryside. You can do this with your household or your "support bubble." You can also go with one person from a different household.

Schools, universities, and nurseries remain open, again, so you can visit any of these if you have a good reason.

You can work at home and you are encouraged to do so by the government. You can continue going to work if you work while attending university if you can't work from home at your job. Examples of this include manufacturing and construction jobs.

Running and exercising outside by yourself is permitted. Visiting any place with essential goods and services is also permitted and these locations will stay open. Examples include supermarkets and food shops, for example.

Deliveries and takeaways will continue and you can participate in these activities.

Check-ins and Other Guidelines

In the University of Sheffield, students who are staying in University accommodation have to do daily check-ins if you've tested positive or if you've registered with Residence Life. You may also need special help with accessing deliveries like toiletries, goods, and laundry packages during self-isolation at the university accommodation.

You should certainly read the latest information from both Sheffield Universities, including the University of Sheffield as well as Sheffield Hallam University to make sure you are up to date on the needed procedures for ensuring your safety as they could change at any time based on what happens with the virus.

The guidelines state that you shouldn't visit family or friends if they are in special care homes unless there is a strong exception.

For more information on obtaining safe and proper housing during your time attending university in Sheffield, please don't hesitate to go ahead and contact us today. The faster you contact us, the faster we can get started helping you with your accommodation both now and for future terms, including doing so in a safe manner in light of the COVID-19 virus and the lockdown situation.

It's important to adhere to all guidelines for students, including when these guidelines update at virtually any time, but it's also important that you get the accommodation that you want. Universities are going to remain open for the foreseeable future so it's useful to plan. As long as you do so in a responsible manner with companies you trust to do so with your best interests in mind.


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