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The Students Union at The University of Sheffield

Student Union at The University of Sheffield
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Information and Support

The Sheffield Student Services Information Desk is part of The University of Sheffield’s eco-system of help and guidance that can assist with key areas such as student immigration, searching for accommodation, or even just providing you with a map to get around!

With more than 27,000 colleagues studying along with you and multiple buildings, it would be a shame to miss out on the Student Union’s varied facilities including libraries, research programmes, volunteering opportunities or places to meet with friends. Get in touch with Sheffield Student Services information Desk

Learn and Earn

Being a student can get expensive, and that is why many students look for a part-time job to fill in the gaps and give them something to lean on during their studies. 

With this in mind, the Student’s Union have a perfect opportunity for those who are looking to line their pockets.  The ‘Job Shop’ within the Student’s Union is a great place to keep in mind as you can see any jobs that are available within the area and apply for those which will suit you best. 

Meet and Greet

With dozens of nationalities, areas of study, research disciplines, projects, and debates swirling around, going to university is a unique time of your life when you mix with the leaders of tomorrow.

However, this can be daunting, which is why the Student Union is a great institution for gathering with friends while meeting and greeting new people at your own pace. 

Food and Relaxation

The View Deli is a prime example of excellent veggie cuisine and a fantastic restaurant to relax with friends.  The Food Shop within the Student’s Union offers a vast array of food and comestibles from every corner of the globe – this is important when you think that we have thousands of students from dozens of countries who want a little bit of home!

Wanting something green?  The New Leaf Salad Bar is the place for you.  Maybe Bar One is more up your street?  With a brilliant burger and an all-round good atmosphere, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your taste buds. 

The Coffee Revolution coffee shop is a café that is run by students. At this café, they pride themselves on purchasing from sustainable, local coffee suppliers, and quality is at the core of what they do.

0114 222 8707 -

Zero Waste and Sustainability

The Zero Waste Outlet Shop showcases several sustainable green initiatives with biodegradable goods, foods, pulses, grains, coffees, hand washes and much more, the Zero Waste shop is very popular and has a range of products that just keeps growing.

See more about the Student Union’s sustainability agenda here

Sport and Exercise

Everything around campus, from leagues and the Goodwin sports centre to club and performance sports, is provided at the Students Union to keep you fit, healthy and in trim.  There is a lively dance floor and club, the latest blockbuster films, and a wide range of societies and clubs run by students.

Sport Sheffield has an office within the Student Union.  Looking for more information on the available facilities?  Visit the Residence Life Portal to find out more.

Where Is the Student Union Building?

The Student Union building is in the heart of the Campus.  The north is bordered by the A57, the south by Glossop Road, and to the east is West Street, a concentrated collection of restaurants, pubs, and shops.

Student Housing in the Area

Claypenny housing has a wide variety of accommodation in the area, for example, 182 Pomona Street and 19 Rosedale Road, which are both just a 20-minute walk or four-minute drive from the Student Union building.

182 Pomona Street

19 Rosedale Road

Are you looking for student housing? Claypenny can help with this, or you can read the advice from the Student Union here

Get in Touch with The Student Union

Sheffield Student’s Union

Western Bank


S10 2TG

Call: 0114 222 8500




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