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Types of Student Landlord To Avoid

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Going off to university is an exciting time. It's filled with fun times and many firsts, including finding your first property. Finding the ideal place is probably at the top of your list. However, you need to know that you might find the perfect student accommodation but it comes with one of the types of landlords you want to avoid. Some landlords you want to avoid are easy to spot when you're looking at student properties, whilst others aren't apparent until you've already moved in. Here's a look at some types of landlords you want to avoid when securing student accommodations.

Larry The Lecherous

This landlord is usually easy to spot when he talks to your chest instead of your face and makes sleazy little innuendos. Many of these landlords are more talk than action, but it's a good idea to avoid this type of landlord to make yourself feel more comfortable in your student accommodation.

It's important to note that not all Larrys are male. There may be some female versions that make male students feel uncomfortable.

If you notice an ad that offers a discount on student accommodation in exchange for favours, you want to skip it. It may be that they want someone to do work around the home, or it could be a favour of a sexual nature. Rely on your instincts. When the landlord shows you the property, and you feel uncomfortable, run.

Sometimes, you don't realize Larry is your landlord until after you move into your property. If this happens to you, it's a good idea to tell the landlord in clear words to stop his advances. It's also beneficial to have a witness in the property when you expect him to stop by.

Ellie The Entitled

Some student accommodation are homes of people who are going on an extended vacation or abroad for work. The advantage of these properties is that they typically come fully furnished. However, the landlord may continue to see the property as their home, and you're merely an invader.

When you view the property for the first time, you may notice the landlord displaying a high-handed attitude, and a sort of "you'd be lucky to live here" attitude. It's hard for them to let their home go.

You might not find this type of attitude annoying, but understand that it'll probably only get more pronounced the longer you live in their house/flat. When you lease from this landlord, you need to make sure that they handle all necessary repairs and respond to you in a respectful manner. You may need to establish boundaries.

Always Stopping By Albert

Unfortunately, this type of landlord is hard to spot when you're viewing properties. Once you move into your leased flat, you may find Albert stopping by frequently for a variety of reasons.

He may come by one day to see how you're settling in and then come by later in the week to check on a leak in the upstairs loo. The next thing you know your landlord is stopping by almost every day on one pretext or another.

There are laws that protect you as a tenant from Albert landlords. Your landlord must notify you 24 hours before arrival and provide you with a reason for their visit. The reason can be to check the property, so if you and your mates have been enjoying a couple of pints in the evenings, you may want to tidy up.

Martin The Missing

Another hard to spot landlord when you're viewing properties is the missing landlord. This landlord is happy to show you around the property, sign the lease, and hand over the keys. Once you move in though, Martin is nowhere to be found. You send text, emails, and leave messages to no avail.

Out of all the landlords to avoid, this is the one that's easiest to deal with. For the most part, an absentee landlord isn't a problem until you need some sort of repair work done on the property. You want the landlord to be responsive to requests for repairs even if you're happy to have him missing the rest of the time.

There are laws that protect the renter in these cases. If you request repairs, the landlord must respond within a reasonable amount of time to advise you of when you can expect repairs. You may need to remind Martin, the missing landlord of that responsibility.

Best Friend Beatrice

You may find that you and your new landlord have a lot in common and could be best friends in other circumstances. However, it's important to keep this relationship professional, especially if issues come up such as repairs or a need to break the lease early.

In some cases, you don't have a lot in common, your landlord keeps showing up for a visit. Early in your lease, you may enjoy the attention and believe the landlord is ensuring happy tenants. You don't want to end up in a situation when your landlord pops by for afternoon tea every day.

Setting boundaries with this type of landlord is essential. You need to be polite but firm when setting these boundaries. You want to maintain a friendly relationship without someone watching your every move and checking on you around the clock.

You Need An Award-Winning Sheffield Student Landlord

When you start looking for Sheffield student accommodation and want to avoid these types of landlords, you need to work with us at Claypenny Properties. We take pride in matching students with the right properties to make their university experience even better, and we've won awards for doing just that.

Our staff takes the time to learn your needs and helps you find a space in your price point. Many students return to our service during their years at uni. In fact, our reviews tell the story. We're very proud that over 90% of tenants give us a 5 star rating, with an average rating of 4.8.

At Claypenny Properties, we work to build long-term relationships with our tenants. Contact our office today to learn more about our services.


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