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What Will University Life Be Like for Students in Sheffield in 2020

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There have been a lot of speculations lately about how life in uni will be like post-lockdown. Students, especially freshers, are scared to push forward with the enrolment with some planning to cancel their applications. Continuing students have had a great time for the past few months studying online, and now that they have to go back to physical learning, some want to defer.

Universities across Sheffield are prepared and have put up the necessary measures to keep both the students and workers safe from the virus. They are ready to welcome new student, keep them safe and ensure that they enjoy high-quality services and have exciting campus experiences. Following the issued health guidelines across the country, the institutions are striving to come up with convenient plans for the new academic year. The goal is to ensure that every student feels safe around the school and that they receive an education that matches their expectations.

Claypenny's range of Sheffield student accommodation has proved extra popular this year.  Our student houses are small and self-contained, typically 2 to 8 bedroom properties, and therefore contrast nicely with the student halls in other cities that have been in the news lately with 100s of COVID-19 infections.  Renting one of our student apartments in Sheffield is far safer than mingling with 1000s of students at one of the main student accommodation halls.

Although things will be different compared to the previous years, students are guaranteed of satisfaction, and they will have their professors to guide them where need be. Unis are committed to offering a fun academic and social experience while observing the welfare of the students, lecturers and the community at large.

Universities will be offering extra support services, especially for mental health as most students are still traumatized by the current events. Some students are still vulnerable because, in one way or the other, they were affected by the virus. Here is everything else to expect.

Study Time

Learning will be conducted in small groups to create space for social distancing and avoid interactions. Online learning will also come handy because it is not possible to have everyone attend classes while following the issued social distancing guidelines. There will however be small meetings from time to time, but attendees are expected to put on masks at all times and sanitize regularly.

Nonetheless, students are expected to attend all classes. This should not be an excuse to miss lessons because attendance will be observed as usual. Those who cannot make it to the class meetings should make sure that they are not missing out on online classes.

Life around the Campus

Students must observe social distance when walking around the campus or using other facilities when not in class. There will be sanitizing stations around the institution, and hygiene must be observed at all time. Masks and face-covering gears are a must, especially in learning areas or students' hotspots such as library and cafeteria. Every student will receive free reusable masks at the beginning of the semester so no one should feel left out. Depending on the institution, every student might receive a timetable for teaching arrangements which is meant to curb overcrowding on campus. This means that you cannot be roaming around the school if you are not supposed to be there at a particular time.

Freshers' Events

Freshers' festivals will still take place, but this year, things will be a bit different. Most of the events will be carried out virtually to welcome all new students around the UK and offer them opportunities to grow their skills. If your institution has any planned live event, it should be carried out inside the school with limited attendees. The social distance must be observed, and drinking kept at a minimum to avoid unnecessary drunk interactions.

Social Life

The social aspect in uni amid the pandemic will be different, especially for the first semester. However, students unions may still plan outdoor events but ensure that social distance is observed. The attendance will be limited, mostly focusing on new students. Students will be allowed to participate in no-contact sports, but the rest will be on hold until the situation calms down. Again, the number of participants in each game will be lower than usual.

Tuition Fee

The fee will remain the same in most institutions. This is because campuses are striving to offer the same learning experiences that students would receive in the absence of the virus. Parents and students should have peace of mind as universities will undoubtedly compensate for the situation by delivering the best-quality teaching regardless of the method of delivery.

Partying and Nightlife

It might take a while before clubs are opened especially near universities. They are not safe because it is hard to keep distance or act accordingly when drunk. Students will have to get used to drinking indoors. You may invite a few friends over or party with your roommate for safety. Avoid getting too drunk as this could lead you to unsafe places.

Luckily, most outdoor spaces are open, and students will have new ways of socializing and entertainment. Those who are into quiet nights as they enjoy a few drinks and listen to music can go to nearby pubs for a relaxed weekend night but should carry their masks and sanitize regularly.

Student Support

Student support will be offered online until things are back to normal. These include application and any studies-related inquiries. Nonetheless, the health centres will remain open for students who fall ill while at school.

Student Accommodation

Most unis are planning to change accommodation allocation to keep students safe. Some may adopt social bubbles whereby students are allocated hostels depending on their courses. Those taking the same course can live together hence minimizing the number of people they mix or interact with. Others are planning to reduce the number of students per house and have organized additional spaces in collaboration with housing companies. Some universities will continue with normal allocation, but they will put up hygiene measures to help students cope. The areas will be cleaned and sanitized every few hours. If you wish to move to a shared flat or house, you can socialize with your roommates, but you must observe social distancing.

This year is not progressing as anyone would have wished, but that does not mean that students should give up on their educational dreams. Learning in Sheffield will take place seamlessly as usual, and students have nothing to worry about. If you do not wish to reside in school or you have any accommodation concerns, contact Claypenny for a variety of housing choices to meet your needs.


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