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Student Accommodation in Sheffield | Houses & Properties to Rent

Student Accommodation in Sheffield

At Claypenny, we understand the concerns of a student looking to rent or let student housing in Sheffield for the first time.  You want to be sure your property is going to be safe and secure, and offer high-quality living accommodation.

As the premium quality student letting agents in Sheffield, Claypenny understand these needs in detail.

Which is why we own our student houses in Sheffield - we are not an estate agent, you can go to Rightmove if you want the risk of the unknown.

Instead, our fleet of over 55 properties are owned by Claypenny, giving us the ultimate control over the quality of our student studios, flats, and houses.

So by choosing a Claypenny student property, you have the re-assurance of the Claypenny brand. 

So don't risk renting from 'any-old' landlord, you don't know how difficult & awkward, or otherwise, they're going go be until you try them, and then it's too late.

Instead, go with the brand that students trust.  So far, we have over 60 positive student property reviews on Google, and growing.

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Ecclesall Road Student Houses

Affectionately known as 'Eccy Road' by the locals, this is often regarded as one of the best student accommodation areas in Sheffield.

Ecclesall Road runs along the South end of the Sheffield Hallam district, bordering popular student areas like Broomhall, Sharrow, Endcliffe, Brindcliffe, Nether Edge, Greystones, and Bents Green.

There is a stretch of Ecclessall Road known as Sheffield's Golden Mile - this section has one of the most diverse selection of premium restaurants, cafes, pubs, and bars in the country, along with an M&S Food Hall and Tesco.

At the top end of the 'Golden Mile' is the beautiful Endcliffe Park, and the whole of the Ecclessall Road area is very conveniently located near to the main Sheffield Universities.

Ecclesall Road Student Houses are in high demand, so make sure you reserve early to avoid disappointment.

Sheffield Hallam Student Accommodation

The Sheffield University and Sheffield Hallam University are both located on the 'Hallam Ridge' - a ridge of hillside that runs out from the Sheffield City Centre towards the hills in the West.  Parts of the Hallam ridge out beyond Ranmoor and Fulwood rise to over 1000 feet above sea level, giving lofty views over the surrounding city.  This zone of Sheffield is one of the wealthiest areas in the UK outside of London (and at least 10 times friendlier too!).

Student accommodation in Sheffield Hallam is abundant, and generally a little cheaper than student accommodation in the Sheffield city centre.

The prices may be a little higher here than in other areas of Sheffield, but if you want to combine leafy suburbs with an inner-city buzz, and stay near to the main Sheffield Universities, Sheffield Hallam is the place for you.

Student Houses - Should you rent or should you let?

As you look into the various Sheffield student accommodation options, you may begin to wonder "what is the difference between letting and renting?"

The simple answer is that there is no difference, except that the landlord is the one that 'lets' a student property, and the student is the one that 'rents' the student let from the landlord!

So don't worry, student lets and student accommodation to rent are all the same thing.

Sheffield Student Accommodation to Rent, Houses, Flats, Studios, Student Properties - image

There are so many different words used for student accommodation - should you rent a student house, apartment, flat, or studio?

Read on to find out...

Student Housing in Sheffield

Student House is the term generally used for bigger, often detached properties, that are divided up into multiple apartments.  There is usually 1 shared living area including a kitchen, lounge, dining room, maybe even a conservatory, and then multiple individual bedrooms, so these are sometimes known as 'shared houses' or HMOs (House of Multiple Occupancy).  Whilst the living and kitchen areas are shared in a Student House, this often means they are bigger than the ones found in self-contained student properties.

There are plenty of beautiful examples of Sheffield student houses in the leafy stone-built suburbs of S7 and S11 in Sheffield.  Popular student property areas like Hallam, Sharrow, Broomhill, Crookes, Crookesmoor, Eccleshall Road, Ranmoor - the list goes on!

Student Flats vs Student Apartments in Sheffield

The terms student flats and student apartments can mean the same thing, but a flat is often larger, normally occupying the whole of 1 level of a multi-story student property, whereas apartments are typically smaller and several to 1 storey.

Student apartments and flats are often self-contained, so whilst sometimes small compared with shared student houses, you do at least have your very own kitchen and living area as well as your bedroom, so you're more in control of your personal space.

Student Studios in Sheffield

Student studios or 'studio flats' are typically even smaller than apartments.  Whereas a 1 bedroomed apartment typically has at least a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a living area, a student studio usually has only 2 rooms - a bathroom and an 'all-other' room, which is a bedroom, kitchen, and living area all rolled into one.

Student Studios can be a very cramped place to live for more than a few days at a time.

Bear in mind that before you invite a few friends round, you will need to make your bed, you have no separate bedroom where you can leave your mess or private belongings and close the door!

And larger parties or social events are definitely out in a student studio.

Claypenny offer a wide range of student accommodation in Sheffield at only a fractionally higher price per month, so don’t feel the need to include any Sheffield student studios within their portfolio.

To view the full range of Claypenny Student Properties, click here.

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