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Sheffield Student Accommodation

Student Accommodation in Sheffield

At Claypenny, we understand the concerns of a student looking to rent quality student accommodation in Sheffield for the first time. You want to be sure your student property is going to be safe and secure and offers high-quality living accommodation, and you also want ZERO hassle from your landlord.

As the premium quality student accommodation letting agents in Sheffield (voted 2018 "Private Landlord of the Year", and awarded "Outstanding Customer Service", by Sheffield City Council), Claypenny have built up a fleet of Sheffield student housing, along with a level of stress-free service that fully addresses the requirements of students attending the various universities in Sheffield.

To ensure complete control and a consistent level of service, we own all of our Sheffield student accommodation.

We are not an estate agent, we are a student accommodation landlord who takes pride in the service levels we offer to our student customers.  Our fleet of over 55 properties is owned by Claypenny, giving us the ultimate control over the quality of our student properties, flats, and houses that we rent out in Sheffield.

So by choosing a Claypenny student property, you have the reassurance of the Claypenny brand.

Tip: the risk of renting from 'any-old' landlord is that you don't know how difficult & awkward, or otherwise, they're going to be until you try them, and by then it's too late.  Instead, go with the brand that students trust. So far, we have over 75 positive Google reviews for our Sheffield Student accommodation.

To view the full range of Claypenny's Sheffield student accommodation, visit our property listings page where you view Sheffield student accommodation sorted by price, filtered by area, or even view all of the properties on a map.

The Location of our Sheffield Student Housing

Claypenny has student properties to rent in the following main areas:

Ecclesall Road Student Accommodation

Broomhall Student Accommodation

Endcliffe Student Accommodation

Hunters Bar Student Accommodation

Sharrow Student Accommodation

Or if you're looking for student accommodation in Sheffield Hallam, all of the above areas are actually part of the general Hallam area of Sheffield, but maybe you're looking to rent a Student property in a much more specific area around the Sheffield Hallam University?  View our Sheffield Hallam student accommodation page to learn more about the Hallam district and why student housing in this area is so popular, and what your options are here.

Sheffield Student Accommodation Terminology Explained

What is the difference between student houses, apartments, flats, and studios? Read on to find out...

Student Housing

Student House is the term generally used for bigger, often detached properties, that are divided up into multiple apartments.  There is usually 1 shared living area including a kitchen, lounge, dining room, maybe even a conservatory, and then multiple individual bedrooms, so these are sometimes known as 'shared houses' or HMOs (House of Multiple Occupancy).  Whilst the living and kitchen areas are shared in a Student House, this often means they are bigger than the ones found in self-contained student properties.

There are plenty of beautiful examples of student houses in the leafy stone-built suburbs of S7 and S11 in Sheffield.  Popular student property areas like Hallam, Sharrow, Broomhill, Crookes, Crookesmoor, Eccleshall Road, Ranmoor - the list goes on!

Student Flats vs Student Apartments

The terms student flats and student apartments can mean the same thing, but a flat is often larger, normally occupying the whole of 1 level of a multi-story student property, whereas apartments are typically smaller and several to 1 storey.

Student apartments and flats are often self-contained, so whilst sometimes small compared with shared student houses, you do at least have your very own kitchen and living area as well as your bedroom, so you're more in control of your personal space.

Student Studios

Student studios or 'studio flats' are typically even smaller than apartments.  Whereas a 1 bedroomed apartment typically has at least a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a living area, a student studio usually has only 2 rooms - a bathroom and an 'all-other' room, which is a bedroom, kitchen, and living area all rolled into one.

Student Studios can be a very cramped place to live for more than a few days at a time.

Bear in mind that before you invite a few friends round, you will need to make your bed, you have no separate bedroom where you can leave your mess or private belongings and close the door!

And larger parties or social events are definitely out in a student studio. Claypenny offers a wide range of cheap student accommodation in Sheffield at only a fractionally higher price per month, so don’t feel the need to include any Sheffield student studios within their portfolio.

Within Sheffield, there is a huge range of different areas with student housing. See our helpful blog post 'best student accommodation areas in Sheffield' to learn more.

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