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Large House Shares – 9 and 10 Bed Student Houses

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In this series, we look at different sizes of popular student accommodation in Sheffield. This article is all about large house shares and the pros and cons of this for your years at uni.

What is a Student House Share?

This is where students largely share living, washing, and cooking accommodation for when you are not on-campus at lectures.

Why Do Students Like Large House Shares?

A large house share has the significant advantage of keeping costs lower per head.

It also ensures flatmates can have the lively company of other students of similar ages to compare notes with and have social contact while away from your family.

With private student housing like Claypenny offers, you have more flexibility and choice.

What are the Drawbacks of 9 and 10 Bed Student Houses?

Put simply, to get a house share with people you know, and get on with, is going to take some organising on your part. Therefore you may not have a great deal of choice in the matter of who you share with.

Prefer solitude? Quiet so you can really concentrate on a task or project? It is less likely that this will be easy to achieve in a large house share.

What Areas of Sheffield Have Large House Shares?

Although you might find a 9 or 10 Bed Flat Share in Sheffield City Centre, the outlying suburbs are more likely to have the kind of properties big enough to make this type of accommodation, for example, Sharrow Vale, Broomhill or Ecclesall.

How Claypenny Can Help Find Student Accommodation?

At Claypenny we help students find their ideal property and have a wide range of shared houses, all owned privately by us.  You can read why we won Private Landlord of the Year recently, or other articles in our blog such as guides to the universities in Sheffield and popular student housing area overviews.  You can browse all properties available or use the filter function to select the number of bedrooms you are looking for.

One exciting option Claypenny has can be found at 180 and 182 Pomona Street, just off the popular Ecclesall Road. Here two 5 bedroom properties sit next to each other, sharing a large private rear patio. This way you get to enjoy many of the advantages of sharing with a larger group, whilst still benefiting from the upsides of living in a more mid-sized property.

Other Popular Student Accommodation Types

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