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Mid-Sized House Shares - 4 and 5 Bed Student Houses

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Many graduates and prospective students planning to study at Sheffield Universities are looking out for four or five-bedroom properties to rent. 

Why Is This?

The point about mid-sized private student houses in Sheffield is really about the combination of sharing costs with your co-students and having a bit more privacy than would be the case in a nine or ten bedroom property or student halls of residence.

Fair Enough, But Is There a Decent Range Of Options?

Yes, there is. With many of the traditional older housing in the vicinity of the Sheffield Hallam and Sheffield University being an ideal size for conversion, this gives plenty of choices. For example, Claypenny has more than 45 properties in the four or five bedroom size that are situated within easy commuting distance of both the main universities and local teaching and dental hospitals.

What Are These Properties Like?

They might be old, but most have been sturdily built. Renovation standards for student houses will vary, but we make a point of renovating and maintaining to high and quality standards. This includes the plumbing, wiring, interior design, quality kitchens, Wi-Fi, and all services to ensure that these properties can provide all the latest convenience and performance.

What Are The Benefits Of A 4/5 Bedroom House?

One of the major benefits is the money-saving aspect – as there are more of you, the cost can be evenly split across the group, therefore reducing it for each individual. 

You’ll also make new friends from all walks of life!  You never know if you will meet, and those you live with are likely to become close mates as you navigate University together. 

As with sharing the cost, you will also be sharing the cleaning, and what’s a better benefit than less cleaning?

Are There Any Drawbacks?

As with anything, there will always be the pros and there will also be the cons.  

You can’t always be sure of who you are going to live with – some might appreciate loud music late into the evening, and others will prefer a good night's sleep. 

You will also have reduced privacy. While this isn’t a problem for those who love company, some people are thankful for a quiet space that they can call their own – something that is not always possible in a 4/5 bedroom student house.  Having said that, your own bedroom with a locked door can provide the privacy that most people want.

A Handy Locale

The districts around Ecclesall Road and Sharrow Vale offer a slightly less hectic pace than those within the city centre area so that your work-and-life balance is kept.

There are also venues for both physical exercise, relaxation, shopping, and eating out nearby which do make our mid-size houses very popular.

Here is a currently available example of a fantastic five double bedroom student property that is situated right in the heart of Ecclesall Road student community, and just a two-minute walk from Collegiate Campus, and other local amenities.

It is worth getting in touch as soon as you can on 0114 266 9900 so we can assist you.

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