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Smaller Houses & Flat Shares - 2 & 3 Bed Student Houses

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Choosing where you will live when not at your lectures matters a great deal. You, or your son or daughter, need to have a secure, welcoming, relaxing, and comfortable place to eat and sleep, hence we have written a brief blog with some points to consider.

Getting the Right Student Accommodation

Simply because of their popularity and the huge number of students around, there are a lot of shared student houses in this area. This is good news, assuring a good choice for graduates studying at the Sheffield University, Sheffield Hallam, or teaching hospitals.

What are the Key Benefits of a 2 or 3 Bed Student House?

Compared with a single-bed flat, sharing the cost enables everyone to get more for less. We’d also point up that company is a good thing after study time – you will have the opportunity to improve your soft skills, and maybe your cooking too!

A 3-bedroom property gives you a blend of having just 2 colleagues for more discreet living and fewer folk to share meals, dishwasher duty, and cleaning up with. A 2-bedroom property gives a single or couple extra capacity to look after a visitor, or for two friends to have company yet privacy.

It’s a nice balance – some company, but the chances of disturbing evenings are reduced somewhat!

And the Downsides?

One consideration is that some people prefer to live in a crowd – believe it or not! It is true that if you share the chores out equally with all house-mates, a 3-bed property will leave you with a bit more work than a large 9 or 10-bed house, but you can weigh that up against the other factors.

Of special note is that they are not so common as larger shared houses, so you might need to book further in advance. Claypenny does have a good range, but not as common as their 4-bed and 5-bed properties.

In Which Areas of Sheffield are These Found?

You will find a selection in the city centre, and to the west of the centre, as this is where the main university campuses are. The selection from Claypenny are nearly all in the Ecclesall Road corridor, which is well known as a hub of student life.

An Example from the Claypenny Portfolio  

In the case of this particular house, the location is very close to Hunters Bar on Ecclesall Road and handy for any of your day-to-day necessities, plus the easy walking distance from the Sheffield Hallam Collegiate Campus. The properties on this road are solidly built and mainly smaller in size, making an ideal 3-bed student house, with a bathroom, living room and kitchen, and a passageway through to a rear yard.

Other Popular Student Accommodation Types

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Studio Flats and 1 Bedroom Student Houses

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