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Studio Flats & 1 Bed Student Flats

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In this series, we look at different types of popular student accommodation in Sheffield. This article is all about Studio and 1 Bedroom Flats, and the pros and cons or each.

What is the Difference Between a Studio Flat and a 1 Bed Flat?

Both a student studio flat and a one-bedroom flat will mean you benefit from a self-contained living space all to yourself, or, if you are a couple just for you two.

With a 1 bed flat, there will be a clear and distinct bedroom, a bathroom, and then a separate living area – this could include a combined kitchen and living room, or in some cases, the kitchen and living room will also be set in their own individual rooms.

However, in a studio flat, the living space will generally have both the bedroom, food preparation area and living room area all in one single room, with separate bathroom or shower facilities.

Either way, both of these contrast with student flats within a student hall of residence – for example in the Ranmoor or Endcliffe villages – where the kitchen and washing or toilet areas are generally communal and shared with other students.

Why Do Students Like 1 Bed Flats in Sheffield?

Simply put they are yours. You are away from home, often for some years, and the off-study living and leisure time can be enjoyed within a space that you control.

You do not have to put up with others that you might not get along with or endure the smell of a certain type of curry or pot noodles that you abhor.

What are the Drawbacks of 1 Bed and Studio Flats?

Cost. There is a premium to pay for the privacy and advantages outlined above.  Also, if you have opted for a studio flat and have friends in, your whole living/sleeping area is in one room, bear this in mind if you don’t normally leave your bedroom tidy! Of course, those in a 1 bed flat do have the added benefit of the separate space for entertaining friends.

Availability, for example, the University of Sheffield currently has 723 standard shared student flats and just 100 one-bed flats within the Ranmoor and Endcliffe estate, which will mean that obtaining a 1 bed or studio flat could be an issue too, so act fast.

What Areas of Sheffield have 1 Bed and Studio Accommodation?

The largest concentration of one-bed flats is within the city centre itself and then spreading along the Ecclesall Road Corridor and Crookesmoor, i.e., near the Sheffield Hallam University Collegiate Campus and The Sheffield University respectively. They tend to be mainly found in purpose-built accommodation blocks, rather than within existing mature residential areas.

Currently, Claypenny have a selection of 1-bed flats in their portfolio, and here is an example just across the road from Sheffield Hallam University Collegiate Campus. A beautiful one-bedroom duplex student apartment, with rooms set across two floors:

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