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Medium to Large House Shares – 6 and 7 Bed Student Houses

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If you are after private student accommodation in the Sheffield area, then a larger student house that is shared with other students is a good option to consider.

Sharing Costs And Leisure Time

Sharing a student house with several colleagues makes sense for reducing the cost. The cooking and washing accommodation are communal, but you have your own bedroom with the privacy that this offers.

Sharing and relaxing with students that are also going through University means you will likely have plenty of lively company and can soak up ideas and inputs from other cultures and countries.

Are There Downsides?

While there is some privacy in this form of private student accommodation it could be that you need more solitude; not everyone is a social animal, and with houses of this size you may not find that your fellow students are the most helpful company.

If you feel this won’t suit you, then don’t worry -  we have many other options.  View our three-bed property that is situated a Sharrowvale Road.

The Leafy Suburbs

The area around Hunter’s Bar and Ecclesall Road, a little to the south of the city centre, are particularly popular student areas. Handy for shops, parks, bars, cafes, banks or barbers, this district is no stranger to students and has a pleasant and relaxed attitude to life.    

House Maintenance

Modern and roomy, our private student houses are kept in top condition with all services checked regularly and we renovate them periodically with our trusted team of tradespeople.

An Ultimate Higher Education Location

An excellent place to study almost any subject with a special focus on advanced engineering and healthcare or nursing, Sheffield is close to the Peak District so stunning scenery and fresh air are never far away.

Our six-bed student house on Collegiate Crescent is an impressive and spacious ground floor apartment, directly opposite the Collegiate Campus.

For more information on our six and seven-bedroom student houses, please get in touch.

Image Credits - Endcliffe Park, Sheffield by Mark Morton 


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